Page 49 – “He Hears You” Unexpected Love: Digital Interactive Devotional and Bible Study

My new mother heart worries that I won’t hear you cry. A single droplet marks sorrow and fear. Will utter exhaustion delay me?  A monitor dialled high connects our hearts, but still, I sleep lightly, listening. 

I’m always listening for the sounds I know well. I know you, even when your call is jumbled among others, mixed within the playground chaos. I hear you. 

Your voice stands out because you are mine. My ears perk. My heart quickens. I move in your need.

You sing to my heart as we share quiet togetherness, cuddling in bed, recapping your day. When you share heartaches, my heart aches deeper. I would take your sorrow upon myself, if I could. Instead, I pull you in close and whisper words of life. 

Your heavenly Father aches for your wounds, for your sin, and He takes the weight of it upon Himself because He loves you.   

God hears your voice, your unique voice. No one in this big, entire world has the same voice as you. 

God knows you and He always answers His children.  

But God has surely listened and has heard my prayer. 

PSALM 66:19 NIV 

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