Page 29 – “You Will Not Be Forsaken” – Unexpected Love: Digital Interactive Devotional Video.

My sweet precious baby, I will inevitably fail you.

Crippled by heartbreaking, inexcusable sin…But God works out my sanctification.

With God’s grace, every day, I can choose how to parent.

Will I choose pride or humility? Will I choose a temper? or self-control? Will I choose irritation or love? Will I choose impulse or patience? Will I choose impulse or patience?

What if I planted seeds of grace, mercy and forgiveness? What if I watered what really needed to grow?

Maybe letting you see the pieces that make up this fractured heart will help you understand…that perfection is only found in One person — Jesus

Together we can look past my failures to The One who NEVER fails.

PSALM 27:10 – NLT 

Even if my father and mother abandon me,The LORD will hold me close.

God is your perfect Father. Fix your eyes on Him.

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