Page 13 – “You Were Not A Mistake” Unexpected Love: Digital Interactive Devotional and Bible Study

In utero, your heartbeat sang a song of praise to God, joining the orchestra resounding His name. 

This was all before I felt your first note flutter. 

The Creator, Composer, and Redeemer of souls, tuned your purpose and composed your score into a song only you can sing. Your days—notes on life’s concerto— are part of a larger symphony, playing for His pleasure.

With great precision, He shaped you into a delicate image bearer of the mighty God, destined to reflect His glory in a masterpiece of great worship. No matter the instrument or length of the score, the resounding harmony rises to the ears of the Lord and fills the heavens. 

He made you to praise him. Whether you play an instrument great or small, play boldly in the opus of the Creator, the maker of all things. 

After all, God is the one who gave life to each of us before we were born.

JOB 31:15 CEV

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