Page 137 – “You May Lose a Child” Unexpected Love: Digital Interactive Devotional and Bible Study

From the moment you knew, love grew. A sweet combination of your matrimonial love nestled underneath your heart, swelling until God’s predetermined day arrived—a day far too early. 

You asked for a miracle. But, instead of holding your baby, you hold your spouse, and you want to know why.  Why does God write short stories for some? Why does He say, “No”? Still, God is good. He is good when it is easy and good when it is hard. He is good when He gives and He is good when He takes away. The best comfort is the God of comfort who wastes nothing. Not even this. 

Even in your grief, He can be glorified. 

There is only one who loves your child more than you, and He knows you would have taken their place to save their life. He knows you would have sacrificed everything for them. He knows because His child died, too. His child took your place to save your life. 

His child died for more than the healing of physical ailments, He died to absorb the sin that destroys souls. His child died to accomplish the bigger miracle and because of that, there can be a day when you will hold your baby — your healthy, whole, and perfect baby. 

So grieve for now, my sweet child. But grieve with hope. God has allowed this tragedy for reasons we cannot understand, but He has also made a way through. He made a way through this loss, a way through this life, a way into eternity with Him where your sorrow will turn to joy. Endless joy. 

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. 


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