Page 119 – “Son, Prepare For Marriage” – Unexpected Love: Digital Interactive Devotional Video.

Son, you are meant to love like Christ loves the church. You are meant to love sacrificially, unconditionally, leading your wife with her needs in mind. 

No other woman — two or three-dimensional should ever capture your attention, mind or heart, the way your wife will. That’s how you are meant to love your wife. Treat her with the utmost respect. Before she becomes your girlfriend, she should be your friend, a friend you protect.

Groom godly, husbandly traits now. Love her with her needs in mind, protecting her virtue, refusing to bend, look away from temptation. Choose honourable love. Practice love that is more concerned about meeting needs, than having needs met. Practice love that appreciates modesty, values mutual respect, and shares devotion to the Lord.

This love is worth waiting for, worth dying for, worth choosing.

What keeps a marriage fifty-plus years is not the romantic rush that thunders through your veins. It’s recognizing that love is a decision. Love is a choice to commit. Tether your heart to another until death. 

Love is a choice to make feelings secondary, and actions purposeful.

MARK 10:9 – NIV

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

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